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So I am trying to add a primary key to one of the tables in my database. Right now it has a primary key like this:

PRIMARY KEY (user_id, round_number)

Where user_id is a foreign key.

I am trying to change it to this:

PRIMARY KEY (user_id, round_number, created_at)

I am doing this in phpmyadmin by clicking on the primary key icon in the table structure view.

This is the error I get:

#1025 - Error on rename of './database/#sql-2e0f_1254ba7' to './database/table' (errno: 150)

It is a MySQL database with InnoDB table engine.

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A quick search using Google gives me the idea that this problem is related to constraints. Possible helpful links: dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/innodb-error-codes.html and simplicidade.org/notes/archives/2008/03/mysql_errno_150.html –  Lekensteyn Nov 2 '10 at 18:01

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There is probably another table with a foreign key referencing the primary key you are trying to change.

To find out which table caused the error you can run SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS and then look at the LATEST FOREIGN KEY ERROR section.

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For those who are getting to this question via google... this error can also happen if you try to rename a field that is acting as a foreign key.

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As was said you need remove the FKs before. On Mysql, do like this:

ALTER TABLE `table_name` DROP FOREIGN KEY `id_name_fk`;

ALTER TABLE `table_name` DROP INDEX `id_name_fk`;
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To bypass this in PHPMyAdmin or with MySQL, first remove the foreign key constraint before renaming the attribute.

(For PHPMyAdmin users: To remove FK constrains in PHPMyAdmin, select the attribute then click "relation view" next to "print view" in the toolbar below the table structure)

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I think this is the most accurate answer –  DeveloperNo.1 Nov 5 at 19:36

If you are trying to delete a column which is a FOREIGN KEY, you must find the correct name which is not the column name. Eg: If I am trying to delete the server field in the Alarms table which is a foreign key to the servers table.

  1. SHOW CREATE alarm; Look for the CONSTRAINT server_id_refs_id_34554433 FORIEGN KEY (server_id) REFERENCES server (id) line.
  2. ALTER TABLE alarm DROP FOREIGN KEY server_id_refs_id_34554433;
  3. ALTER TABLE alarm DROP server_id

This will delete the foreign key server from the Alarms table.

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