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I've just moved over a Visual Studio (C++) solution over to another computer, setup all the directories and settings as far as I can see, and did a clean/rebuild on the solution. I get the error above on a bunch of .obj's on compile, not sure what to do about it.

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It seems that you are mixing object files built with different settings. Try to do a full clean rebuild and check all project file settings to make sure that the _ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL macro is the same (e.g., you are not mixing debug and release built objects).

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For some reason one of my projects had _SECURE_SCL=1 defined in release mode and this caused the linker error. –  Gyuri Mar 10 '12 at 5:29

Mixing binaries (object files) is one reason; another (which I encountered) is the false definition of the _DEBUG macro in the release build. _DEBUG is not a standard macro, but used by Microsoft.

After editing the .vcxproj-file in Emacs I mistyped _DEBUG instead of NDEBUG for the release, and encountered precisely the same build error.

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In some cases, mixing the options in - Properties>Configuration Properties>C/C++>Code Generation>Runtime Library - Between included Library(ies) and currently working project can cause this problem.

Depending on usage set it as /MD or /MT or /MDd or /MTd uniformly across all projects.

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