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I know this sounds silly but i forgot how to code non-ajax. Specifically: I am in MVC I have a dropdown list with languages. When a language is chosen i want to reload the whole page with the new language. This all works but I have to manually refresh the page. I mean I could call window.location.refresh after i return from the action but i feel like i should be able to do a full refresh. Am i suppose to call submit on a form?

I really feel like i am missing osme extremely easy right in front of my face thing. I have been doing so many partial ajax updates in my life,i lost my plain old post and reload.

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Yea you have to do a form submit, but whats wrong with window.location.refresh?

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nothing "wrong" per say. I just felt like there was a way to kick off the submit with out extra code. I just felt like i was missing something. guess not –  Jonathan Kaufman Nov 2 '10 at 20:01

Normally selecting language for a site is independent of other form submissions, and you can get away with a GET instead of POST. So, in the onchange attribute of your select, you can put:

var lang = ...//get selected language value here
document.location = 'http://mysite.com/' + lang //or whatever your URL scheme is
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