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I'm building a Silverlight wp7 app in C#. I have objects that I want to convert to and from JSON. I'm using JSON.NET.

Several properties of these objects require a bit of logic to initialize. Is there some way to use a custom converter method? (One such property is a List of strings. The data is given as a single String, and in the constructor the class splits it into a list.)

Also, I'd rather have the properties be read only, but they have to be read-write for conversation (right?). That's kind of a pain.

Or am I stuck doing the conversion manually?

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Writing a JsonConverter allows you to manually serialize/deserialize a type. You could write one for a List that will split the string when reading and concatenate it when writing JSON.

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By "write a JsonConverter", what exactly do you mean? You're saying that I have to do the conversion manually? – Nick Heiner Nov 3 '10 at 1:24
Why don't you try reading the Json.NET documentation... – James Newton-King Nov 3 '10 at 4:18

If you are calling for the objects through a web service, you can change the encoding of the web service response to return JSON.

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