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OK, so I have an app with a UITextView that I want to exhibit standard Undo behaviour. I have trawled lots of tutorials and answers on this site as well as the Apple Developer Docs and I can't understand why what I have produced is not working.

Whenever the UITextView is modified (I am using a non-standard keyboard using the textView.inputView property) the method below is passed a string that is the new text required for the text view:

- (void)setText:(NSString*)text{

NSString *oldText = [textView.text mutableCopy];

if (text != oldText) {

    [undoManager registerUndoWithTarget:self selector:@selector(setText:) object:oldText];  
    textView.text = text;


and then to implement the undo when a UIButton is pressed

[undoManager undo];

is executed.

I have declared undoManager in my header file using

NSUndoManager *undoManager;

and synthesised it in my implementation but when I press the undo UIButton nothing happens and setText is never called. Where am I going wrong?

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I think the initialisation of the undoManager is still missing in your example. You declare

NSUndoManager *undoManager;

in you headerfile, but I do not see where you allocate/initialize it.

Try adding

undoManger = [NSUndoManager alloc] init];

in you i.e. "viewDidLoad" (or similar) method. Do not forget to release the object appropriate, when you don't need it anymore, for example in dealloc.

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You could also get the default NSUndoManager from the UIWindow: every UIView is a UIResponder, which has a standard read-only undoManager property. Ask for it (eg. self.undoManager), and it will go up the responder chain until it finds one (by default, the window will return one). That's what documentation will tell you, anyway. I find that a UIViewController subclass in the chain will break this, though. In order get around that, you could override its undoManager method to return self.nextResponder.undoManager. – Bastiaan M. van de Weerd Aug 20 '11 at 23:53

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