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I'm a complete newbie at Dojo, and Adobe AIR, which is my target. I'm trying to put some panes into an AccordionContainer like so:

var mainview = dijit.byId("mainview");
var rand = randomString();
var widg = gtd_create_entry_widget(rand)

"mainview" is my AccordionContainer, and gtd_create_entry_widget() is:

function gtd_create_entry_widget(id) {

   var entry = new dijit.layout.ContentPane();
   entry.attr("title","title "+id);
   return entry;


The pane shows up in the container, with the correct id and title, and no errors, however, if I try to add another pane, the next one shows up too, but I get the error:

TypeError: Result of expression '_7' [undefined] is not an object.

I get the same error if I run

var mainview = dijit.byId("mainview");

and also, only one pane is destroyed at a time, and I understand this method should destroy all the children.

I can include full project code if required.

Thanks a lot


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don't know if it's relevant, but make sure you call startup() on your accordion container if you created it programmatically. To fully understand what's going on, a full example may be needed, and running against a non-optimized copy of Dojo will give you a more helpful error message. –  peller Nov 3 '10 at 14:12

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I'm not exactly sure if this is going to fix your problem, but you're supposed to use dijit.layout.AccordianPane (http://www.dojotoolkit.org/api/dijit/layout/AccordionPane.html) with the AccordianContainer.

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