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My Cocoa app uses WebView to open pages that uses cookies. For testing purposes I want to remove those cookies. How can I do this (programmatically or manually) ?

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Cookies are shared between processes, so use the Safari preferences to remove all cookies.

Update: once an app is sandboxed though, it no longer shares cookies with others.

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Any way to prevent sharing of such cookies? –  adib Jul 2 '12 at 10:10
The only ways are to sandbox your app, or customise every URL request not to perform http cookie handling –  Mike Abdullah Jul 2 '12 at 12:53

If you wanted to do it programmatically, you can use NSHTTPCookieStorage

You'll need cookiesForURL: and deleteCookie:. Something a little like this (untested):

NSHTTPCookieStorage *cookieJar = [NSHTTPCookieStorage sharedHTTPCookieStorage];

for (NSHTTPCookie *cookie in [cookieJar cookiesForURL:@"http://myserver.com"]) 
  [cookieJar deleteCookie:cookie];
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messing with the shared cookies from some random app seems like a security leak to me. I assume that the cookie jar is just a clone of the original and that you are actually deleting the cookies only for the current session? As in... they are back the next time you run the app? –  Radu Simionescu Jun 13 at 7:21

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