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i was wondering if anyone knows where can i find an already coded javascript/jquery timer which has the following properties:

  • start timer
  • stop timer
  • reset timer

i just have a div in my web app, in which am diplaying text of a timer, but the timer i currently have bugs a lot because :

the timer is displayed on a dashboard. i designed the dashboard using javascript/jquery and this dashboard auto refreshes at an interval ( i did "set_interval blabla"). So i was trying to display a timer counting down at precisely the same timing of the javascript interval ( which refreshes the dashboard), so i had to code in a way to synchronize the javascript interval timer and the display timer that i coded . But it still bugs and at some points the display timer grows exponentially.

i want to know if there is a timer which has the properties i mentionned above OR if it is possible to DISPLAY the minutes/seconds of the "set_interval" interval timer that refreshes my dashboard?

thanks a lot:)

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Let's see some actual code. What's not working? –  Matt Ball Nov 2 '10 at 19:17
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Here is a jquery plugin:


It might be helpful

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ok thx, i'll try that this week thx a lot:) –  shadesco Nov 5 '10 at 2:41
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