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I am writing a function that will sit in a external file that creates tables within a web DB. This is all being done with Javascript and HTML 5 local databases. I want to pass in a variable to generate the table name like:

mydb.transaction(function(tx) {
  tx.executeSql('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS **?** (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, name TEXT)', [**DB_Table**]);

but understand that the question mark can only be used in place of literals is there any way around this?

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No, there is no way to parameterise schema names. If you really need to allow dynamic names, you will have to encode them into a schema name literal manually.

The ANSI SQL format for schema name literals is to surround them in double-quotes, and replace any double-quote character inside the string with a doubled double-quote.

var txlit= '"'+tc.replace(/"/g, '""')+'"';
query= 'CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS '+txlit+' (id INTEGER ...)';
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Well, there are some reasons for the limits of sql parameters.

But I think you are facing the meta programming issue, so check out the StringTemplate.

With StringTemplate, it dons't force you to use it exclusively. It just a String template language for any purpose.

Unfortunately, StringTemplate don't support JavaScript, but I think that the philosophy of it's design is still worth to know.

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