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I have a grid, which pulls back information from a web service. Column 3 is now going to sometimes have a value, "STP Customer", which should have a hyperlink and for other data in that column there is no hyperlink.

How can I render the hyperlink on the condition?

Pseudo code:

void onRenderCell( object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    if ( sender is DataGridTemplateColumn && e.Cell.Data.Value == "STP Customer")
        e.Cell.Text.Add(new Hyperlink(name="STP Customer", link="/StpCustomer.aspx?id=1");

Again this is pseudo - I don't know what code :) but hopefully it conveys what I am trying to achieve.

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Use custom binding of the list to your code. For example, take and Filed like, say, String HyperLinkNaviagtion.

when you get values from the service then before assigning the list to your grid, assign HyperLinkNaviagtion some value like,

   // Navigate to Google.
   HyperLinkNaviagtion ="www.google.com";
   // Navigate to Yahoo.
   HyperLinkNaviagtion ="www.yahoo.com";

and in XAML, do the following.

NavigateUri="{Binding HyperLinkNaviagtion }"

Do let me know if you need more.

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Thanks for the response, I went with this: I placed a StackPanel in the xaml for the DataTemplate, then put a textBlock and a hyperlinkbutton in there. I set the visibility for one to 'collapsed' and the hyperlinkButton's visibility to visible. I bound these to a model, and when I need to , I can call the model.SetSpecialCustomer(true) or something along those lines. thanks anyway for the help. –  J__ Nov 3 '10 at 22:26
please do mark as answere if this is useful. –  Singleton Nov 4 '10 at 6:57

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