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I've a Fireworks CS4 document containing multiple pages. The File > Export > Pages to Files feature generates GIFs but I want PNGs instead. How can I change this setting for all pages avoiding to go through each page and manually change this setting?

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To Export All pages in preferred image format (in our case as PNG):

Set all pages to export as PNG:

  • select all pages in Window > Pages (shortcut F5)
  • in Window > Optimize (F6) setup your preferred image format (in our case PNG).
  • all pages are now set to export as PNG files.

Now export (save) all pages:
Note: page names/titles, see/edit them in Window > Pages (F5), are used as names for exported files


  • File > Export.. (Ctrl+Shift+R)
  • IMPORTANT: uncheck "Current page only" on bottom of Export window.


  • select pages > rightclick > Export all
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I know this is not the answer you want, but, having those gif files, you could do a batch process, like:

Fireworks CS5:

  • File > Batch Process...
  • Select all files you want
  • Select "Export" as batch option, and choose "custom" from setting tab
  • Select the PNG format you want, or any other in the format tab
  • Set the location for the files
  • and then batch =)
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I had a similar problem, where Fireworks kept exporting .gifs even when I specified PNG (use the "Export Wizard" in File > Export Wizard.

What was odd is that my index page (page 1) was a PNG, and the other pages were GIF. I have no idea why they defaulted as GIF, but that was the culprit. See attached image, the document type is specified there and it has to be PNG.

Image: http://davormiksic.com/iphone_test/png_check.png

I believe you can make your file type PNG by "Save As" and choosing PNG. Otherwise, when I do "Create New" and start working, it is PNG by default for me. Hope that helps.

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