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I'm running an ldap_list with this filter:


and I get zero results and this warning in the PHP log:

ldap_get_entries(): supplied argument is not a valid ldap result resource...

If I remove the NOT operator for department and run it:


I get the exact results I'm expecting and no warning. Since I get good results with the latter filter, I can only assume my ldap connection, base_DN, and attributes are correct. I've run both filters in Active Directory Users and Computers via the Management Console and both run perfectly so I can assume the filter is correct. Just for grins I tried ldap_search instead of ldap_list and got the same results. Any ideas?

Oh, I'm running PHP 5.2.14 on IIS 7.5.


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You need to move the operator outside the parentheses

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BINGO that did it. Thanks –  Curtis Nov 3 '10 at 13:59

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