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I have the function below, but the problem is that the zip file will unzip to the directory of wherever this function's file is.

For example, I have admin/includes/zip_function.php.

  • This function unzips the file to: admin/includes/
  • I want it to unzip to: admin/

Here is the function:

function unzip($file){

    if(!$zip) {return("Unable to proccess file '{$file}'");}


    while($zip_entry=zip_read($zip)) {

       if(!zip_entry_open($zip,$zip_entry,"r")) {$e.="Unable to proccess file '{$zname}'";continue;}
       if(!is_dir($zdir)) mkdirr($zdir,0777);

       #print "{$zdir} | {$zname} \n";

       if(empty($zip_fs)) continue;





function mkdirr($pn,$mode=null) {

  if(is_dir($pn)||empty($pn)) return true;
  $pn=str_replace(array('/', ''),DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR,$pn);

  if(is_file($pn)) {trigger_error('mkdirr() File exists', E_USER_WARNING);return false;}

  if(mkdirr($next_pathname,$mode)) {if(!file_exists($pn)) {return mkdir($pn,$mode);} }
  return false;

Thank you for the help!-

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You can use ZipArchive:

$zip = new ZipArchive;

Make sure you accept answers if you want to get the best help!

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+1 Very clean solution –  Byron Whitlock Nov 3 '10 at 18:46

You should read the docs for fopen. You are not specifying a directory.

Start accepting answers!

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I double checked the fopen docs...I'm not sure how this helps me? –  Chris Nov 2 '10 at 22:55
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