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I've tried numerous ways to get a post-update hook script working through TortoiseSVN, without much success. Apparently a lot of people out there have this issue, but I can't find a solution anywhere.

Platform: Windows XP

Tortoise Version Information: TortoiseSVN 1.6.7, Build 18415 - 32 Bit , 2010/01/22 17:55:06 Subversion 1.6.9, apr 1.3.8 apr-utils 1.3.9 neon 0.29.3 OpenSSL 0.9.8k 25 Mar 2009 zlib 1.2.3

I went to Settings -> Hook Scripts -> Add...

  • Hook Type: Post-Update Hook
  • WC Path: C:\proj1
  • 1.Command Line to Execute: C:\FLASH.bat
  • 2.Command Line to Execute: "C:\FLASH.bat"
  • 3.Command Line to Execute: cmd /c "C:\FLASH.bat"

My FLASH.bat file only contains: exit 0

Those are the three different things I tried -- none worked. Every time I try an update, I get the following error message: "the hook script returned an error"

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Are you sure the hook script didn't return an error?! In other words, was the script called correctly by Tortoise, but then failed itself? –  Andrew M Nov 2 '10 at 23:16
The script contains "exit 0" that's it. I tried "exit 1" as well, just in case Tortoise thinks 0 is an error. Neither worked. I also tried "exit /b 0" and I tried "echo > test.txt" without the "exit" line. None of these worked. –  ComtriS Nov 2 '10 at 23:19
For me, D:\temp\postcommit.bat as command line works, as long as I write exit 0. I get only an error if I write exit 1 (TortoiseSVN 1.6.12) –  eckes Jan 18 '11 at 16:09

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