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I need to find if the given zip code is within the required radius. For example, if the user has entered 20910, it should be able to determine if it's within 5 mile radius of 20814. Is there a way to do it? Google API or something? Please help.

I'm using C# as the programming language.


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Do you want to know if the centers of the two zip codes are less than 5 miles apart (which could even give a negative result for adjacent zip codes), or if the closest approach is less than 5 miles? –  Ben Voigt Dec 24 '10 at 0:37

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You are going to need some source of geodata. Here is an older source that you can download. link . Or you may try Live Local or Google Api services

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I don't know Google API support this things, but you can choice off-line solution too; you need for it some database with zipcodes and some LATITUDE/LONGITUDE range for each. Then you can with simple calculations get result what you want.

Pros of off-line choice:

  1. Don't need network connection
  2. Database must exists and must be up-to-date (but this is not often changes, zipcodes)
  3. You are not addicted to Google API.

Cons of off-line choice:

  1. You must write algorithm who determinate by point and area, is this point is in 5mile radius from area, i don't know on what level is your programming experience, for me is easy, for you i dont know, think about you can write it.
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