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I have a WPF Control that I want to be resizable. As such I also want the root element of this control to be a canvas so I may absolutely position elements on this control. The problem seems to be that I can not get my Image elements to resize automatically.

Can someone please post an example of a WPF User control with a Canvas containing an Image control that resizes as the control is resized?

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It seems like you're going through a lot of effort when the end result you want is just an Image that resizes within your control and a Canvas that can contain other elements that you want to position later.

Why not just use a Grid as the root element that contains both an Image and a Canvas?

<UserControl x:Class="TestProject.MyUserControl"
        <Image x:Name="stretchyImage"
               Stretch="Fill" />
            <Rectangle x:Name="rectToPlaceOnImage"
                       Fill="Red" />
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