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I am using the utl_mail procedure in oracle 10.x and have noticed that if I try to pass a value with a length of more than 4000 characters into the varchar2 input for Message, I get an error: 4000 works, 4001 fails. Is this a hard-coded limit, or is there a setting somewhere that I can change to increase this? I would have thought it would be 32000 limit...

thanks for any and all help mike

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UTL_MAIL is a simple wrapper over UTL_SMTP, it's only generally used for short simple emails.

   sender      IN    VARCHAR2,
   recipients  IN    VARCHAR2,
   cc          IN    VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
   bcc         IN    VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
   subject     IN    VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
   message     IN    VARCHAR2,
   mime_type   IN    VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'text/plain; charset=us-ascii',
   priority    IN    PLS_INTEGER DEFAULT NULL);

If you use UTL_SMTP instead, you can send emails of arbitrary length, by repeated calls to UTL_SMTP.DATA.

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varchar2 is limited to 4000

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in SQL, in PL/SQL it's 32k – andr Nov 3 '10 at 7:23

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