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I'm trying to incorporate CGAL into an existing simulation project, but am having some linker trouble. The python simulation keiro.py uses a file called physics.cpp in a swig wrapper for speeding up common operations...I managed to get my physics.cpp file to compile, but running the Python simulation errors out with the following message:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "keiro.py", line 2, in from world import World, View File "/Users/marcstrauss/Desktop/keiro/world.py", line 9, in from fast.physics import Vec2d, Particle, World as PhysicsWorld File "/Users/marcstrauss/Desktop/keiro/fast/physics.py", line 7, in import _physics ImportError: dlopen(/Users/marcstrauss/Desktop/keiro/fast/physics.so, 2): Symbol not >found: __gmpq_clear Referenced from: /Users/marcstrauss/Desktop/keiro/fast/_physics.so Expected in: flat namespace in /Users/marcstrauss/Desktop/keiro/fast/_physics.so

I figure that error with the ___gmpq_clear symbol not being recognized in the object file means that I'm not linking to CGAL properly. Here is my makefile:

all: physics.py _physics.so graphutils.py _graphutils.so

_physics.so: setup_physics.py physics_wrap.cxx physics.cpp python setup_physics.py build_ext --inplace -I/opt/local/include/

_graphutils.so: setup_graphutils.py graphutils_wrap.cxx graphutils.cpp python setup_graphutils.py build_ext --inplace -I/opt/local/include/

physics.py physics_wrap.cxx: physics.i physics.h swig -python -c++ physics.i

graphutils.py graphutils_wrap.cxx: graphutils.i graphutils.h swig -python -c++ graphutils.i -I/opt/local/include/ clean: rm -f physics.py rm -f graphutils.py rm -f *.cxx rm -f *~ *.pyc *.pyo rm -f *.so rm -rf build

Does anyone have any ideas for me as to how to fix this? Thanks!

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Did the answer fix your problem? I've having similar issues at the moment? –  Endophage Jan 19 '12 at 0:40
Yes, it did. At least for me. I'm using Xcode 4 under Mac OS X Lion. I installed CGAL using MacPorts. –  Raiyan Kabir May 24 '12 at 7:55

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On my computer the __gmpq_clear symbol is located in the libgmp library:

nm libgmp.a | grep gmpq_clear
00000000 T __gmpq_clear

Try adding -lgmp to your linking command.

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Thanks mate. It worked. :) –  Raiyan Kabir May 24 '12 at 7:53

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