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I have found information over the web as to why using PreparedStatement while storing information from java to mysql is the right solution to pass String values without generating invalid MySQL statements. (And for preventing injections but this is not my concern for the moment).

Even though, I still have the same problem trying to pass Strings with characters such as "'/><;. And a String such as "asb" works fine.

Maybe somebody can tell me whats wrong with my code :

public void insertEntry(String feedURL, String title, Date publishedDate, String value){
    try {

        java.sql.Date sqlDate = new java.sql.Date(publishedDate.getTime());

        PreparedStatement pstmt = connection.prepareStatement(
                        "INSERT INTO feed_source_flagsofdefiance (entry_title, entry_date, entry_content) VALUES (?,?,?);"

        pstmt.setString(1, title);
        pstmt.setDate(2, sqlDate);
        pstmt.setString(3, value);




I forgot to precise how I create the table and the types used so here goes :

            stmt = "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS feed_source_" + feedName + "("
                  + "id INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,"
                  + "entry_title VARCHAR(200),"
                  + "entry_date DATE NULL,"
                  + "entry_content VARCHAR(2000),"
                  + "PRIMARY KEY (id)"
                  + ") TYPE=innodb;";

Thank you

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What error do you get when you have the greater/less than sign? –  Jeanne Boyarsky Nov 3 '10 at 1:59
Can you show the exact stack trace you are getting....that will be more helpful for debugging the code ? –  Amit Jun 28 '11 at 14:56

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