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Currently I'm using moodle to create a site. I want to create a function if user not login they will redirect to the login page. How can I do that in moodle?

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serverfault?currently imade a category..when user not login it will say no course..i want it redirect to login page.. – Beginner Pogrammer Nov 3 '10 at 3:02

Assumption - Writing a custom page in PhP, hosted on same server on moodle site.

Then the page will have access to the session information and the task is very straighforward.

First you call the moodle bootstap, then call the moodle function to check for a valid login.

require_once('../../config.php');  // specify path to moodle /config.php file

// require valid moodle login.  Will redirect to login page if not logged in.

// if you also include the id number of a course then require permisision to view a particular course 
require_login(78);  // requires login and permission to view course id 78.
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Following code snippet might be of some help

if (!isloggedin()) {
    //redirect to moodle login page
} else {
    //do whatever you want here
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Yep, easily accessed via Settings > Site admin > Security > Site policies

Check 'Force users to log in'

Done :)

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Using the require_login(); function, you can decide whether or not to check user login.

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