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I'm new in CoffeeScript and looking for a good IDE or extension for it, which can do the following:

  • syntax highlighting
  • code competition
  • code outlining
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The TextMate bundle is reasonably complete and up-to-date. You can find it here:


Plugins for other text editors and IDEs are listed in the "Resources" section of the homepage, here:


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I belive the TextMate bundle does the job, because I can't check it. I tried plugins for Emacs and Vim, however the editors seem complex for me to start. Plugins for Gedit Intellij IDEA (WebStorm, RubyMine) have poor support for CoffeScript. I stay on Gedit now, because it's free at least, but still looking for a better IDE/extension. –  Mikhail Nasyrov Nov 9 '10 at 3:59
And you can use it with Sublime as well. –  fulmicoton May 28 '12 at 11:54

There's a CoffeeScript plugin for NetBeans 7.

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JetBrains' line of cross-platform IDEs offer CoffeeScript support in some of the products. I love PyCharm, and it's got CoffeeScript support, as does WebStorm.

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  • TinkerBin is not an IDE, but jsfiddle-like Sandbox with CoffeeScript support
  • Cloud9 IDE must support CoffeScript, as it is mentioned in specs, along with syntax highlighting and github support. However, I've tried to run several scripts, but with no success (may be it is required to wrap with node.js). Syntax Highlighting and editor are good enough for web-IDE
  • Here is the tutorial on how to attach the mentioned CoffeeScript TextMate bundle to Sumblime Text 2 (and this fact is mentioned at bundle's github page also), another very good cross-platform editor (not free one, but with evaluation-mode).
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For windows, I've been using SublimeText 2. It uses textmate bundles, so finding support for CoffeeScript was super easy. Check it out, the default style and ease of use are awesome. I'm also using it for SCSS (sass). It's great for both.

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The CoffeeScript wiki has a page dedicated to editor/IDE support. The page seems to be kept fairly up-to-date. As CoffeeScript popularity increases, so will its support in development tools. This wiki page is a nice central place to see how your favorite tool(s) do or will support CoffeeScript.


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Try this link. It is an online CoffeeScript IDE.

Live CoffeeScript IDE

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Please Use WebStorm from JetBrains


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I am using RubyMine. It works reasonably well. Sadly there is IDE with focus on CoffeeScript on the market yet. Hey JetBrains!

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