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I have a WPF user control where I have multiple text boxes and and combo boxes. For easy use I want to provide shortcut keys to focus some main control.

Suppose if I press ALT + M it will focus on a text box named txtPatient.
If I press ALT + B it will focus on a text box named txtRef.

I am using MVVM as the design pattern.

How can I do this?

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Sounds to me like basic accessibility (mnemonics), which is easy to obtain by adding labels to your controls like:

<Label Content="_Name" Target="{Binding ElementName=textBoxName}" />
<TextBox x:Name="textBoxName" />

Notice the "_N" - that means when the user presses ALT + N, textBoxName will get focus.

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Thomas Levesque answered this is a separate post here.

He mentions his own custom markup extension which allows for just this:

<KeyBinding Modifiers="Control" Key="E" Command="{input:CommandBinding EditCommand}"/>

Hope this helps :)

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