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I need something like rfc822.AddressList to parse, say, the content of the "TO" header field of an email into individual addresses. Since rfc822 is deprecated in favor of the email package, I looked for something similar there but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know what I'm supposed to use instead?


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Oh it's email.utils.getaddresses. Just make sure to call it with a list.

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If you are open to using a third party module, I ported the Python 2.x module rfc822 to Python 3.x


It hasn't been tested thoroughly yet. I encourage you to try it out and let me know how it works and whether you have any problems.

To make your code work in both Python 2 and 3 you can take my rfc822py3 module and do:

   import rfc822
catch ImportError:
   import rfc822py3 as rfc822
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