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What is the best way to write a FreeAll function that will take a generic TList<T> and free each of the elements of the list?

It makes sense that TList<T>.FreeAll does not exist because it would not make sense if the generic type was a Record or String. Nevertheless it would be very handy if there was some way to achieve the FreeAll functionality if the generic type was an object.

My simple attempt does not compile...

TTest1 = Class


Procedure FreeAll(List : TList<TObject>);
    I : Integer;
    For I := 0 To List.Count - 1 Do

Procedure Main;
    List : TList<TTest1>;
    I : Integer;
    List := TList<TTest1>.Create;


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Why aren't you using TObjectList? When its OwnsObjects property is set, it will automatically free objects when they're removed from the list (by calling any of Delete, Clear, or Free). – Rob Kennedy Nov 3 '10 at 13:40
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The reason your sample solution doesn't work is invariance of instantiated generic types' subtyping relationship with respect to type arguments' subtyping relationship: the fact that the type arguments in your example (TTest1 and TObject) have an inheritance relationship doesn't mean that instantiated types TList<TTest1> and TList<TObject> have an inheritance relationship. It's easy to see why this is so; consider a value of type TList<TCat> that was assignable to a location b of type TList<TAnimal>; it would then be logically OK to insert a value of type TDog into the list referred to by b, even though its runtime type is TList<TCat>, which shouldn't let TDog in.

However, the method you want to write is possible:

  TObj = class
    procedure FreeAll<T: class>(AList: TList<T>);

procedure TObj.FreeAll<T>(AList: TList<T>);
  x: T;
  for x in AList do
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In the same Generics.collections.pas unit you have TObjectList, which property OwnsObjects is maybe what you're looking for (for example set OwnsObject to true, call the Clear method and all listed objects are properly freed).

Or you can write your own TList (or maybe TObjectList) descendant where you may add this as a method.

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thanks! Its interesting that the declaration of the TObjectList specifies that the generic type is a class and so T.Free calls are allowed – Frank Nov 3 '10 at 8:42

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