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I have a C#/ASP.Net solution in VS (2008) with several projects within it. When I try to compile it I get one error only:

Attempted to access an unloaded AppDomain

No line code, no project name, nothing. Just such error.

How can I pin down this error -- i.e. the cause, or even better -- how can I solve it and continue compilation?

Thank you in advance.

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You can try the below:

Shut down Visual Studio and reopen it. Then Delete Temp folder. For that press Windows+R and type %Temp% and click Ok. And then delete everything.

This should work.

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There are many possibilities:

  1. Try resetting your Visual Studio's Setting.

  2. Or check all dlls which are referenced.

  3. Check all the namespaces which are being used in your application, Do they exist?
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Thank you. Just remarks (1) other solutions are compiled just fine, (3) sure, I have namespaces in those projects. –  greenoldman Nov 3 '10 at 8:41
Did you try to reset you VS settings? –  Mazhar Karimi Nov 3 '10 at 10:11
Oh, sorry, yes, after (2) I also reset the settings. However there is no change at all. –  greenoldman Nov 9 '10 at 10:59

I am experiencing the same in Visual Studio 2012 - but ONLY on websites hosted on UNC share. My solution (when it occur) is to unload the web project and reload it again. Then in works for some time again.

The problem as I recall it is, that the hosted UNC share (or the workstation trying to access it) is running an x86 version of Windows, which does not allow to many open network connections.

In my experience these sort of problems disappear on true x64 environments.


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