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I'm created a few forms in WinForms application and want to implement validation of user input. There are several ComboBox'es and TextBox'es. I have to check that some fields are not empty and some field require decimal number format. I know there are Enterprise Library Validation Blocks and integrated ErrorProvider. What way can you advice in terms of integration’s speed.

Thanks in advance.

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You can do this task without enterprise library, unless your application is really an Enterprise application.

If you are refering to System.Windows.Forms.ErrorProvider then this would be the fastest way. Is a very simple component but I does not make validation, just visual aid. So you will have to do the validation "manually".

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I have a custom class where in methods are defined. I also make use of delegates to fire a method on any event.

Edited **

This article might help: C# Validating TextBox Control

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I think the best way is to use regular expressions

You can call the validation when each element loses focus, just like some web forms.

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