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I have a table that has a class name partnerGridClass. I would like to set one of the rows background colors that corresponds to a certain index n. n is just a javascript variable.

$("table.partnerGridClass tbody tr:nth-child(n)").css("background-color", "#CCCCCC");

What I have above is not working for selecting the nth row. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Well the 'n' obviously must be substituted with the actual number. So if n is a variable, you need to write:

$("table.partnerGridClass tbody tr:nth-child(" + n + ")").css("background-color", "#CCCCCC");

Even then, keep in mind that it starts at 1, so if n=0 is the first, you'd need to add one to it first.

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$("table.partnerGridClass tbody tr:nth-child("+n+")")
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