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Hey guys, I'm working on a module based zend framework application, which uses the following structure:

            controllers, models etc...
            controllers, models etc.

Hence all frontend models would be initated by called new Frontend_Model_*()... But I dont like this solution, cause I want the models in the backend, too.

For the controller side, I used the following option within my application.ini:

resources.frontController.params.prefixDefaultModule = false

Now my Frontend_IndexController is simply called Index_Controller. Is there a simple way to do the same for models, forms, etc?

Which means a call like "new Model_*()" should lead directly to the frontend module, which is the default module. To call a backend model I had to use "new Backend_Model_*()"...

Thanks in advance!!!

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I'd recommend using modular directory structure (all modules with prefixes). –  takeshin Nov 3 '10 at 13:54

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I managed to get this thing working. In order to use autoloading in the case mentioned above, I had to do the following within my frontend bootstrap file:

protected function _initAutoload()
    $autoloader = new Zend_Application_Module_Autoloader(array(
        'namespace' => '',
        'basePath'  => dirname(__FILE__),

This sets the autoloading prefix to nothing, so one can initiate a frontend model through "new Model_*()". A backend model can still be initiated through "new Backend_Model_*()"

Note: The frontend bootstrap file is the only one, which should be touched in order to get this thing running!

Hope that helps somebody!

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Not related, but if you use PHP 5.3, you can use __DIR__ instead of dirname(__FILE__) –  Maxence Nov 3 '10 at 14:15

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