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Do online solutions to Ghuloum's "Compilers - Backend to Frontend" exist? If so where?

(I am aware he has summarised but not answered it in this paper.)

(I'm also aware he has written Ikarus Scheme - I'm just hoping for an answer that doesn't include hunting around in the source code for a major application.)

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Even the students don't get "solutions", if you mean complete, working code. It's just a matter of collecting enough test cases (often more than 100 for the more complex passes) and bug-fixing until your compiler passes all of the test cases.

It can also be a good thing to implement a compatibility layer that allows you to run the result of a single pass (not just the result of the entire compiler) in Scheme. That is, be able to test each pass independently.

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The paper and Ikarus are the only 2 references that are public, that I know about.

You could try getting in touch with students that attended that course.

Edit: The same goes for the nanopass compiler by Dybvig :(

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