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I have several different packages, one for each logical part of my application. Some packages are getting huge but I would like to keep all the procedures/functions grouped in some way rather than breaking them into separate packages. Is there any way to nest, or namespace, my packages?

So if I have MYSCHEMA.PKG_PEOPLE and it has 10 procedures and 10 functions, is there no way that I can for instance move the CRUD procedures to MYSCHEMA.PKG_PEOPLE.CRUD. I want to keep all these items inside of PKG_PEOPLE but I want to further sub-divide them.

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Beyond Schema and Package, there is no multi-level namespace handling for PL/SQL packages in Oracle.

Within a package body you can define nested procedures but I would guess this isn't what you need.

I think the closest you'll get is to enforce a naming rule on your packages. For example:

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