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First of all: I'm on Ektron CMS v8.1

I'm having a problem with dynamicly adding translated content to the cms via the Webservice API. I can perfectly add xml content by using the following object and method:

ContentSoapClient csc = new ContentSoapClient("ContentSoap"); csc.AddContent3(...);

I specify a language and the xml content gets inserted. But now I want to add a translated version of the xml to the cms. So I want it to have the same contentId!

Anyone has an idea on this? The only method in the csc object that recieves a contentId is 'csc.AddContent2(..)' But that doesn't import anything and just gives me an error saying my xml is incorrect. While my xml is correct..I checked it!


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Found the answer..

Ektron apparantly uses alot of asmx files and I only checked the "/workarea/webservices/WebServiceAPI/Content/Content.asmx" webservice. I found the method 'AddTranslatedXMLContent()' I need in the "/Workarea/webservices/ContentWS.asmx" webservice.

I wish they just cleaned up their API... Would save us a lot of trouble.

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Firstly, I haven't used the ContentSoapClient class and can't find any documentation on it.

Ektron often takes a language id when you create the API object. See if the ContentSoapClient contructor can take a Language Id.

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Documentation is always lacking when using Ektron API... I'm use to it by now. I could indeed provide a language id. But it would just create new content in another language. And I needed to translate the content. I found the solution and attached it below. Thanks anyway. –  stvnhg Nov 4 '10 at 8:19

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