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I use a code that works fine but here's the last scriptlets in my jsp :

<%  List listMillesime= MultiMillesimeFactory.getInstance().getListMillesimeActif();
<c:forEach var="millesime" items="${listMillesime}">

Here is the factory declaration :

public class MultiMillesimeFactory {

    private static MultiMillesime multiMillesime;

    private MultiMillesimeFactory(){

    public static MultiMillesime getInstance() {
        if (multiMillesime == null) {
            multiMillesime = new MultiMillesime();
        return multiMillesime;

Multimillesime is a standard class with a method getListMillesimeActif returning a list. Declaration :

public class MultiMillesime {
   public List getListMillesimeActif() throws Exception {
     List _l = Collections.synchronizedList(new LinkedList());
     return _l;

c:for each works fine on list and enum but here the problem comes from the use of the getInstance, I've tried MultiMillesimeFactory.Instance.ListMillesimeActif without success.

And the last scriptlet is :

<a href='<%=request.getContextPath() %>

I'm not sure that both of these are removable.

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You can replace the <%=request.getContextPath() %> scriptlet with a JSTL tag:

<a href="${pageContext.request.contextPath}" />

It is not uncommon to see something like this, either:

<c:set var="ctx" value="${pageContext.request.contextPath}"/>
<a href="${ctx}" />

As for the issue with the MultiMillesimeFactory: it looks like that's a class in your codebase, and we can't magically debug that issue for you. It doesn't sound like a JSP problem.

What does "tried MultiMillesimeFactory.Instance.ListMillesimeActif without success" mean?

Edit: re: your comment: I'm not sure I understand what you mean, but I'd guess the problem is that you need to use the fully qualified class name of MultiMillesimeFactory to look it up properly. However, you really should avoid using scriptlets as much as possible. Instead, use a proper servlet to inject the ListMillesimeActif into the request, like this:

public class MyServlet extends HttpServlet implements Servlet

    public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
        List listMillesime = MultiMillesimeFactory.getInstance().getListMillesimeActif();
        request.setAttribute("millesime", listMillesime);

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tried MultiMillesimeFactory.Instance.ListMillesimeActif without success : It means that usually jstl "find" the method which looks like a getter for an attribute or a pseudo attribute. Indeed I'm about 95% sure that A.ListMillesimeActif find the A.getListMillesimeActif() method, even if ListMillesimeActif isn't an attribute of A class but just a method. I've tried the same for getInstance and I think that's the key of my problem. – jayjaypg22 Nov 3 '10 at 14:17
@jayjay: see my edit. I'm still not clear on exactly what is "not successful" - do you get a compiler error? NullPointerException? etc. – Matt Ball Nov 3 '10 at 14:26
no an empty list in my jsp, but your solution with that list in parameter must be good. I 'll try it then close this subject – jayjaypg22 Nov 3 '10 at 14:59

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