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I've been struggling on this for a while now and my search for an answer on Internet was unsuccessful.

I have a custom class that extends PreferenceActivity. I implemented a menu: when the user clicks on the menu button, onPrepareOptionsMenu() is called and I can hanldle the menu correctly.

The problem is, I do have a child PreferenceScreen which I basically add like this:

   final PreferenceScreen root = getPreferenceManager().createPreferenceScreen(this);
   final PreferenceScreen screenPrefAdd = getPreferenceManager().createPreferenceScreen(this);
   screenPrefAdd.setTitle("Access child pref screen");

When the user clicks on Access child pref screen, then clicks on the Menu button, nothing happens. Actually, the methods of my activiy onKeyDown(), onPrepareOptionsMenu(), etc. are not called.

Has anyone run into this issue? Any ideas as how to fix it?

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

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Similar issue and answer is posted on this link. Adding menus to child preference screens

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