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What is better coding practice for single-line code blocks following an if statement - braces or no braces? Just to avoid too many "Well, it depends on what language you're using..." answers, let's say for C#. In other words, which is better:



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I think the consensus is to use braces. If you omit the braces there is a risk that someone will add an extra line without noticing the missing braces.

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I make my if and else match. If the if is multiline and the else is single, they'll both be bracketed. If I have two single line components in the if and else, then they'll both generally* be sans-braces. I don't feel the need to completely idiot-proof the code, because they keep making better idiots. (*) There are exceptions if braces help readability, such as when a single statement spans multiple lines. –  Anthony Pegram Nov 3 '10 at 14:13

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