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I call up Find and Replace dialog with Ctrl+H. On F3 it finds the result but then I must hunt the Replace button using the mouse. And on every new find, it changes the screen position. Is there any way to use this dialog using only keyboard?

It will save me a few precious seconds multiplied by some very large number (I'm in the middle of heavy refactoring).

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Try to use refactoring feature if available, like rename – Sheen Nov 3 '10 at 14:24
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As microsoft there is no keyboard shortcut as Replace Next,

You can check this url

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You could simply copy your desired replacement text before starting to F3 through your source text, and hit Ctrl+V when you hit the next match as VS selects the match text for you.

It is a hack, but it works.

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If you dock the find/replace window then it will not move with each new find.

You can then alternate with 1 finger on F3 to move to next find, while hovering the mouse over the non-moving replace button to replace what you need.

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