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I have a method that checks the signature of a request is valid.
The method returns a boolean:
_ true: valid signature
_ false: signature is not valid

I am not sure about the best name for it (maybe also because I am not an English native speaker).
I am not sure among:
_ checkSignature
_ isSignatureValid

Which one do you think is better and why or maybe you have a better suggestion.


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this is very subjective –  Flexo Nov 3 '10 at 14:42
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isSignatureValid( ... ). It tells you what the method is going to return, which is nice. Also, it doesn't make a promise one way or another as far as caching goes (checkSignature implies to me that you will do all the math to check the signature when I call it, and you might not need to repeat all that work).

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I prefer


since isSignatureValid() doesn't semantically make sense because the request isn't a signature, it has a signature. I suppose you're going to be using this in an if statement so doesn't this make more sense?

if (request.hasValidSignature()) {

Furthermore, if you want to check if request is valid itself, then this would be more appropriate

if (request.isValid()) {
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