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I've created a stored procedure in SQL Server that in turn is using a linked server to query two databases. The results are returned as expected in Query Analyzer, but when I try running the same stored procedure using a pass-through query in Access I get an authentication error.

Access has no problem quering either database when I use the passthrough and either DSN, it's only when I try to execute the stored procedure.

It almost seems like the DSN connection can't pass on the credentials to the linked server via the current DSN server.

The user is a member of domain admins, has full rights to both sql servers and I'm using Integrated Security on both DSNs.

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Sounds like a classic double hop issue. The article Configuring Linked Servers for Delegation discusses how to work around this. But you'll note that one of the first requirements listed is:

  • The user Active Directory property, Account is sensitive and cannot be delegated, must not be selected.

which is almost certainly selected for the domain admin account (or at least, it should be in a well run domain)

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