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I have this select statement:

  $select = $someMapper->getDbTable()
            ->where('someid = ?', $id)
            ->order(array($sort.' '.$order));

Yet, what I want to do is only search for campid IF $id is present. I am currently repeating the query without the where which I find counter productive. Was hoping there would be a more abstract way of doing this.

Am I limited to constructing the sql myself?


EDIT: My new query..

$select = $hitsMapper->getDbTable()
          ->where('campid = ? or 0 = ?', $id, $id)
          ->where('? LIKE ? or 0 = ?', $searchRow, $search, $search)
          ->order(array($sort.' '.$order));

The first where works fine, but the second doesn't. $searchRow and $search are defaulted to 'ID' and '0' respectively.

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Thanks for editing the tag Gordon, changing it to Zend-framework. I notice you have experience in Zend-framework and were inclined enough to change tag. So can you understand my confusion in that you didn't bother to try to answer my quetion? I can't help but think maybe you would be more useful answering questions than editing small tag mistakes like zend>>zend-framework. – Damien Roche Nov 3 '10 at 18:30

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  $select = $someMapper->getDbTable()
            ->where('someid = ? or 0 = ?', $id, $id)
            ->order(array($sort.' '.$order));

If id == 0 then you will be get all results, i think you want this. I dont sure about my implementation syntax in zend then if this fail you can fell free to edit my answer.

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Thank! Do you know how I would do similar for a LIKE statement? I've amended my post. Have tried but getting empty prepare query error when no data supplied – Damien Roche Nov 3 '10 at 16:30

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