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Im looking for a good Open Source or Free library in C# using GDI+ or DirectX. I would rather like using GDI+ than DirectX. The idea is to be able to graphicate nodes from a graph, so all I need is drawing circles, arrows and pointers.. nothing fancy, I don't want to use highly overloading libraries.

Thanks to all!


I understand what you all say, but perhaps I didnt explain myself. I know how to work with GDI++ or WPF, but these is the deal:

  1. Im looking for a library that provides some extended functions allowing not just to draw, but to control the shape (drag around, etc..)
  2. Im not very pro-WPF in this particular case, because is not an application relying much on UI and I just want to show the graph and allow to rearrange nodes, nothing fancy. I'll take a look on the link given anyways.

I hope now that those who thought this was a lame question get the point.

Thanks again

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System.Drawing uses GDI+, WPF uses DirectX. It is 3 feet in front of you :) –  Hans Passant Nov 3 '10 at 16:46

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You could just use WPF's Drawing support for shapes. This is an incredibly useful, easy, and powerful means of doing retained mode graphics.

Otherwise, GDI+ is exposed via the System.Drawing namespace in the Framework, and is fairly easy to use, as well.

Both of these options are nice in that they require no extra libraries - support for this exists direclty in the framework itself.

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System.Drawing is exactly what I would suggest if it was not already built in :-) –  Gabriel Magana Nov 3 '10 at 16:48

NShape- GPL. In BETA. Maybe a bit too sophisticated for your use, but sounds like it meets all your requirements. 199EUR for commercial use, which is cheap compared to the competition.

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