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I'm attempting to develop a new website using the Processsingjs library. It works fine in Chrome, but the canvas is showing up blank in Firefox.

I can view processingjs.org just fine through the same install of firefox, just not my website.

The code is bare bones:

<!-- index.html -->

<script src="includes\processing-0.9.7.js"></script>
<canvas datasrc="test.pjs" width="700" height="500">text</canvas>

// test.pjs

void setup() {
    size(700, 500);

void draw() {

It's worth noting that "text" doesn't show up in Firefox. Can anyone me to troubleshoot? I can't really think of a simpler code.

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"includes/processing-0.9.7.js" would be more standard than "includes\processing-0.9.7.js" (ie forward-slash, not back-slash). You need to use a URL, not a Windows path.

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This was the correct solution. Thank you. Apparently Chrome was just interpreting my mistake. –  Christopher Nov 3 '10 at 17:17

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