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I want to restrict the user to create multiple instances of a form in an MDI application.

If one instance of that form is opened it must get focus. If it is not a new instance it must be created.

How can I do this?

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You can do it like this.

Create a static Method:

public static Form IsFormAlreadyOpen(Type FormType)
    foreach (Form OpenForm in System.Windows.Forms.Application.OpenForms)
        if (OpenForm.GetType() == FormType)
            return OpenForm;

    return null;

And then when you create your child form.

frmMyChildForm frmChild1;

 if ((frmChild1 = (frmMyChildForm)IsFormAlreadyOpen(typeof(frmMyChildForm))) == null)
    { //Form isn't open so create one
        frmChild1= new frmMyChildForm ();

    { // Form is already open so bring it to the front

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Maybe something like this could help you

Form frmToCreate;
String strClassName=typeof(FormToCreate).Name
frmToCreate = GetForm(strClass);
if(frmToCreate == null)
    //create the form here
frmToCreate.MdiParent = this; //supposing you are inside of the mainwindow (MDI window)
frmToCreate.Visible = true;
//other code goes here

where GetForm would be something like this

public Form GetForm(String type)
    int i;
    Form[] children = this.MdiChildren; //or mdiwindow.MdiChildren

    for (i = 0; i < children.Length; i++)
        if (children[i].GetType().Name == type)
            return children[i];
    return null;

If just a matter of playing with MdiChildren property.

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You could use a singleton-pattern-approach, and let the form have an Instance-member-variable that keeps track of whether it's been initialized or not.


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How would you apply this pattern in c#/winform code to satisfy the requirement of the author? –  John K Nov 13 '10 at 16:25
If the requirement is only one instance open at any time, and to open a new one if none are open, than this would work very well - I have in fact done this myself. –  SilverSkin Nov 18 '10 at 13:02

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