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Let's assume I have a parent entity "Firm" and a handful of child entities that inherit from Firm. Assuming the children are named "RedFirm", "GreenFirm", and "BlueFirm", what is the proper way to query the Firm collection if I want to retrieve only RedFirm and GreenFirm instances?

I know I can do context.Firms.OfType(RedFirm), but that only returns the RedFirm instances. Is there anyway to pass a collection of types into OfType or something similar to that? I suppose this can be done through a union but I would think that would be less efficient.

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context.Firms.Where(x => x is RedFirm || x is GreenFirm);
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You could do something like:

context.Firms.Where(item => (!(item is BlueFirm)));
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