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I've downloaded Subsonic 3 from the website.

I added a connnectionstring section to my webconfig and updated the settings file as suggested on the website.

When It builds the code The Context.cs errors with the following: alt text

All the other classes that it's built look ok. The correct table names are there etc. I'm sure this is a noob type question.. so I'm hoping an easy one for a subsonic guru out there.


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That "DPR." prefixing your constructors is wrong.

Look at the line that declares the DatabaseName variable, it's line 26 in my copy. Does it look like this?

const string DatabaseName = "DPR.RecordUpdateTaskCollector";

(the SS3 templates append "DB" onto whatever name you provide)

If so, just remove the "DPR.". If you need that as the namespace, the correct spot is a few lines up where the "Namespace" variable is declared.

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Got it.. so it doesn't support Dots in database names.. that clears it up.. I'll change to underscore :) –  CraftyFella Nov 3 '10 at 17:53

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