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This question was asked here. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3233038

But the border-right-color style doesnt seem to work for me.

I am using jqGrid 3.8 and IE 8

This is my setup for jqGrid

colModel :[
  {name:'leid', index:'leid', width:70, label:'LEID'},
  {name:'cdr', index:'cdr', width:40, label:'CDR'},
  {name:'name', index:'name', width:160, label:'Name'},
  {name:'country', index:'country', width:98, label:'Country'},
  {name:'fc', index:'fc', width:50, label:'FC'},
  {name:'bslaMe', index:'bslaMe', width:65, label:'BSLA/ME'},
  {name:'business', index:'business', width:130, label:'Business'},
  {name:'amtFc', index:'amtFc', width:98, label:'Amt(FC)', align:'right',
   formatter:'currency', formatoptions:{decimalSeparator:".",
   thousandsSeparator: ",", decimalPlaces: 2, prefix: "", suffix:"",
   defaultValue: '0'} },
  {name:'amtUsd', index:'amtUsd', width:98, label:'Amt(Cur)', align:'right',
   formatter:'currency', formatoptions:{decimalSeparator:".",
   thousandsSeparator: ",", decimalPlaces: 2, prefix: "", suffix:"",
   defaultValue: '0'} },
  {name:'cashPoolHeader', index:'cashPoolHeader', width:120,
   label:'Cash Pool Header'},
  {name:'cashPoolCDR', index:'cashPoolCDR', width:60, label:'CP CDR'},
  {name:'cashPoolName', index:'cashPoolName', width:160, label:'Cash Pool Name'}

Any thoughts?

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I apologize for the formatting of the code... – Sumit Nov 3 '10 at 18:19
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I was having the same issue, I solved this issue by appending 4 lines of code in gridComplete, these 4 lines will change the style of td's of content area [first row td's style modification is enough].

This is an issue in jqgid, which is actually setting the td's inside the <thead> but this style is not reflecting in the td's of content area. While developing jqgrid they assumed that entire columns width will be effected by changing widths of one row's tds but they only changed for <thead> which is the persisting issue here.

Set column widths in the colModel:

colModel: [ 
        name: 'Email', 
        index: 'Email', 
        editable: true, 
        edittype: 'custom', 
        width: 220, 
        editoptions: { 
            custom_element: function(value, options) { 
                return EmailAddressCustomElement(value, options); 
            custom_value: function(elem) { 
                var inputs = $("input", $(elem)[0]); 
                return inputs[0].value; 
        name: 'LocationAndRole', 
        index: 'LocationAndRole', 
        editable: true, 
        align: "left", 
        edittype: "button", 
        width: 170, 
        editoptions: { 
            value: 'Edit Location And Role', 
            dataEvents: [{ 
                type: 'click', 
                fn: function(e) { 

add the below code in the gridComplete event:

gridComplete: function() { 
    var objRows = $("#list_accounts tr"); 
    var objHeader = $("#list_accounts .jqgfirstrow td"); 

    if (objRows.length > 1) { 
        var objFirstRowColumns = $(objRows[1]).children("td"); 
        for (i = 0; i < objFirstRowColumns.length; i++) { 
            $(objFirstRowColumns[i]).css("width", $(objHeader[i]).css("width")); 

I hope the above code will help you in solving the issue.

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Thank you, this has issue has been killing me for a while now. Surprised this issue is 2+ years old... – Tym Pollack Jul 19 '13 at 13:43

Look at my old answer which describes how to change the column header alignment.

It it is not what you want, then you should post a picture which shows how grid look like and add in your question the full code of you grid including HTML code, information about version of jqGrid which you use and the test data. So all what one need to reproduce your problem.

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The code above wasn't working for me

I changed it a little: Working fine with 4.6.0

var objHeader = $("table[aria-labelledby=gbox_" + gridName+ "] tr[role=rowheader] th");

for (var i = 0; i < objHeader.length; i++) {
   var col = $("table[id=" + gridName+ "] td[aria-describedby=" + objHeader[i].id + "]");
   var width= col.outerWidth();
   $(objHeader[i]).css("width", width);
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