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I'm new to these awesome Power shell world. I have a problem with script and really apreciate your help.

I have a script "cmd4.ps1" that needs to run another script "Transfer.ps1" that needs to receive 3 strings params and it needs to be run as other process thead different to "cmd4.ps1".


$Script="-File """+$LocalDir+"\Remote\Transfer.ps1"" http://"+$ServerIP+"/Upload/"+$FileName+" "+$ServerIP+" "+$LocalIP

Start-Process powershell.exe -ArgumentList $Script 

After ejecution, the $Script cointain a value similar to

-File "c:\temp re\Remote\Transfer.ps1"

containing the syntax to use -File parameter to run a script of Powershell.exe, and three parameters that Transfer.ps1 needs ("",,

When I write these instructions in PowerShell ISE I can see every values are right and PowerShell.exe is executed with right values, everything work fine!, but if I put these instructions inside "cmd4.ps1" script it doesn't work, I mean something is not right with parameters because I can see it start powershell but it never ends.

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-ArgumentList is expecting an array of string arguments instead of a single string. Try this instead:

$ScriptArgs = @(
    "http://$ServerIP/Upload/$FileName $ServerIP $LocalIP"

Start-Process powershell.exe -ArgumentList $ScriptArgs

Note that you can simplify the string construction of the args as shown above.

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Why don't you put this in cmd4.ps1?

& "c:\temp re\Remote\Transfer.ps1" "" "" ""
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