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I am trying to implement the youtube_it youtube api wrapper for ruby and have it working except I'm stumped as to how the query results should be accessed.

Here is my query:

client.videos_by(:query => "penguin", :max_results => 1)
Submitting request [url=].
=> #<YouTubeIt::Response::VideoSearch:0xb6c41b14 @feed_id="", @updated_at=Wed Nov 03 18:01:39 UTC 2010, @videos=[#<YouTubeIt::Model::Video:0xb6c424d8 @thumbnails=[#<YouTubeIt::Model::Thumbnail:0xb6c6b694 @url="", @width=120, @height=90, @time="00:01:34">, #<YouTubeIt::Model::Thumbnail:0xb6c6b248 @url="", @width=120, @height=90, @time="00:00:47">, #<YouTubeIt::Model::Thumbnail:0xb6c6a988 @url="", @width=120, @height=90, @time="00:02:21">, #<YouTubeIt::Model::Thumbnail:0xb6c69e34 @url="", @width=320, @height=240, @time="00:01:34">], @categories=[#<YouTubeIt::Model::Category:0xb6ca5d6c @term="Music", @label="Music">], @noembed=false, @racy=false, @favorite_count=7862, @duration=188, @author=#<YouTubeIt::Model::Author:0xb6c9942c @name="wili", @uri="">, @updated_at=Tue Nov 02 08:45:25 UTC 2010, @longitude=nil, @position=nil, @view_count=1682350, @html_content="penguin", @media_content=[#<YouTubeIt::Model::Content:0xb6c770d4 @url="", @duration=188, @format=#<YouTubeIt::Model::Video::Format:0xb656d108 @name=:swf, @format_code=5>, @default=true, @mime_type="application/x-shockwave-flash">, #<YouTubeIt::Model::Content:0xb6c766d4 @url="rtsp://", @duration=188, @format=#<YouTubeIt::Model::Video::Format:0xb656d11c @name=:rtsp, @format_code=1>, @default=false, @mime_type="video/3gpp">, #<YouTubeIt::Model::Content:0xb6c75d38 @url="rtsp://", @duration=188, @format=#<YouTubeIt::Model::Video::Format:0xb656d0f4 @name=:three_gpp, @format_code=6>, @default=false, @mime_type="video/3gpp">], @description="penguin", @latitude=nil, @title="penguin", @published_at=Mon May 08 18:11:01 UTC 2006, @player_url="", @rating=#<YouTubeIt::Model::Rating:0xb6c5eb4c @min=1, @max=5, @average=4.676985, @rater_count=2746>, @keywords=["pigloo", "penguin"], @video_id="", @where=nil>], @total_result_count=291282, @offset=1, @max_result_count=1>

I would like to retrieve the URL and thumbnail links. Any ideas?

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I don't have a great deal of knowledge of this particular gem, but your answer should at least be close to this. You can access the object directly through the videos accessor, which will give you the video object, on which thumbnails each have a url. so you could do the following:

reply = client.videos_by(:query => "penguin", :max_results => 1)
reply.videos.first.thumbnails.first.url # the thumbnail for the first video
reply.videos.first.player_url # The website for the video
reply.videos.first.media_content.first.url # direct embed url

It might be useful to search for some ruby beginners guides to help catch you up to speed as well. Good luck!

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You rock. I couldn't figure which methods to call on reply, using your example, but reply.videos.first works like a champ. Thanks! – spectro Nov 3 '10 at 19:52

william's answer is correct, when you do it

client.videos_by(:query => "penguin", :max_results => 1)

this return an array called videos, so you just need iterate it

client.videos.each do |video|

good luck!

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