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I have added the SQL Role Provider and SQL Membership Provider to an existing application and set the authentication mode to Windows. I have created roles, but I cannot add users.

In the Security Tab of Web Site Administration Tool, I search for my user name and get the following:

No users found for this search.

It is my expectation that the tool would search AD for users. Am I supposed to add users to the aspnet_Users table manually? Or is there some key configuration element I'm supposed to set in the Web.config?

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Here is an article by Scott Gu on how to do what you want.

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That's a great article! I was a bit surprised to see that I needed to handle this programmatically, but a lot of this was code I wanted to write anyway. – Blanthor Nov 4 '10 at 19:25

Forms authentication should be used in order to add users through the WebSite Administration Tool. WHen using Windows authentication new users must be added by creating a new account in ActiveDirectory on the domain.

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