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In a DOS batch script, I'm running a single command on a remote (also windows) computer using plink. Formerly, this command was only run on the local machine, and was relying on the return code to determine success. Is there a way to easily get this information back through plink?

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That's not possible with plink. The current consensus is to have the remote script echo its exit code to a log file, then use pscp to transfer the log file to the local machine.


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For the benefit of anyone reading this today, perhaps this was true when it was written but it's not true anymore. The current version of plink will return the remote exit code when using the ssh protocol. – richb Mar 28 '14 at 23:16
...working examples here and here. – TheCodeArtist Feb 8 at 5:07
@richb: Not exactly true. Plink 0.63 succeeds (exit status 0) when a connection cannot be made. :-( – jrw32982 May 13 at 17:38

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