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Hi i'm new to codeigniter and trying to simply pass a GET variable to a controller function and have that controller search a database based on that GET variable string. I am using ajax to fetch the returned view with results and display it back on the page..

my issue is that i have a link where onclick it will execute this javascript such as....

function fetchview(query_id2){

     dataType: "html",
     success: function(str){


the link itself is...


the issue is that codeigniter AUTOMATICALLY passes the query_id2 to the 'getProjectDetails' function by replacing any + or even %20 with the "dash" character "-".

This is an issue because i need to query the database without any dashes....

any possible way to resolve this?

I have already tried url encoding the 'query_id' within the link... then url decoding within 'getProjectDetails' --this does not work as codeigniter still replaces %20 characters with dashes within 'getProjectDetails'

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I see that you are trying to pass a string or some variable over to CI controller, get database results, and return data.

If you are trying to send query over jquery to php, use jQuery post function, send data via POST. Also, bind it with jQuery click event.


$("#element").click(function() {
var url = "<?=site_url("getProjectDetails")?>";
var query_id = $("#query_id").val();
$.post(url, { 'query_id' : query_id }, function(data) {

the data is the html output from the php.

in CI controller, retrieve query_id using the following:

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