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I would like to create a method which returns several NSString. I am thinking of this kind of method but I do not find it in the objc style, rather C programmer style - it uses pointers to (NSString*), thus (NSString**):

- (LONG) readOwnerInformationToNationalNumber:(NSString**) nationalNumber
                                   toName:(NSString**) name
                              toFirstName:(NSString**) firstName
                            toNationality:(NSString**) nationality
                           toPlaceOfBirth:(NSString**) placeOfBirth
                            toDateOfBirth:(NSString**) dateOfBirth
                                 toGender:(NSString**) gender
                        toStreetAndNumber:(NSString**) streetAndNumber
                                    toZip:(NSString**) zip
                           toMunicipality:(NSString**) municipality
                             toChipNumber:(NSString**) chipNumber
                  toCardValidityDateBegin:(NSString**) cardValidityDateBegin
                    toCardValidityDateEnd:(NSString**) cardValidityDateEnd
               toCardDeliveryMunicipality:(NSString**) cardDeliveryMunicipality

In the method body, I return strings like this:

*nationalNumber = [NSString stringWithString:@"11223344"];

In fact, it is the first time I have returned multiple NSString and always return my NSString as a return parameter.

Is that an ugly, not robust or feasible way of doing ?

Regards, Apple 92

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What you do is certainly possible but I don't find it very elegant. The information you need to return seems to belong together, so why don't you create a custom class that includes all these fields and have your method return an instance of that class?

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I have just tried it and it works. Your idea of making a new class would indeed enable to gather the fields but I still would have to pass a pointer to that class (because I want to keep the LONG C-Style return code). It would be in the style - (LONG) readOwnerInformationToDataRecipient:(Recipient**) theRecipient –  user255607 Nov 3 '10 at 19:13
Or just use NSDictionary for both output of the method. All of that is just key-value. –  Philip Regan Nov 3 '10 at 19:17
@user255607: Why do you want/need to return a long? –  mipadi Nov 3 '10 at 19:58
I return a long to warn the caller of the result of the search process. –  user255607 Nov 4 '10 at 17:12

Probably the "Cocoa way" would be to return an NSDictionary if you don't want a custom class:

- (NSDictionary*) readOwnerInformationToNationalNumber
    // do stuff

    NSDictionary* returnedDictionary 
        = dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
              nationalNumber,           @"nationalNumber",
              name,                     @"name",
              // etc ...
              cardDeliveryMunicipality, @"cardDeliveryMunicipality",

    return returnedDictionary;

This is used in Coca in a number of places e.g. NSURL -resourceValuesForKeys:error

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